Stefan Popa Popa's is a force of nature ...
  Stefan Popa Popa's is the only human who draws four seconds faster than the computer.

Andre BAUR
From the "Mieux vaut en rire" magazine,
October 1995

"The Satiric Drawing   -   a new art is born" "You must go to discover this extraordinary man ..."
Pablo Picasso Patrick Quionton
Paris, 1962 Paris, 1982

              Jerry ROBINSON
              October 1990

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German cancelar Helmuth Kohl

Romanian former president Ion Iliescu
        Stefan Popa Popa's was born on June 11, 1955, in the town of Caransebes, Romania.
        In 1980, he graduated the Polytechnical Institute and the Art Academy in Poitiers (France), the Visual Arts and Stage Design section. he is appointed main graphic artist of the World Festival in Confoles (France).
In 1990, he receives an UNESCO grant and is elected President of the Federations of the Profesional and Elite Caricaturists' Organizations from Europe (FOCPEE). In 1992, he is declared the fastest portrait drawer in the World, through the St.Esteve (France) record - No. 626 - achieveing in 9 days and 10 nights, a result of 1527 portraits, in seven diffrent techniques , competing with the fastest graphic artists in the world : Jarry Robinson (the creator of Batman and Joker), Plantu, La Palma, Tignus, Heninger, Bado, Mensing, Mutzenik, Socolowski, Fron, Emerson, etc.

Starting January 21, 1991, he signs a five year contract with "CARTOONISTS AND WRITERS SINDICATE" (U.S.A.), through which he gets published on 6 continents, in the best known magasines, papers and daily newspapers throughout the world. He is now the owner of POPA'S ART, a printing company in Timisoara.

Stefan Popa Popa's realizeasa ilustratii si coperte pentru carti, expozitii si publicatii in mari cotidiene. Informatii suplimentare pot fi primite de la adresa

    "This romanian is mad !" : this was the festival participants' reaction facing the world record beeing took down by Popa. Among the spectators impressed by the performance and quality of drawings and the cartoonists themselves schocked by this Stachanov of the Caricature, our force of naure was enjoying the victory over this new challenge.
        " ... A very important part in the HISTORY OF WORLD CARICATURE is the Romanian named POPA'S."

Jorge de Salles
October 1990

    He is awarded over 100 awards in Romania; among them, the most representative :

    • Grand Prix at the Humour Salon in Braila, 1979
    • Grand Prix at the Humour Salon in Timisoara, 1980
    • Grand Prix at the Humour Salon in Vaslui, 1982
    • "Union of Fine Arts" Award, Galati, 1982
    • Grand Prix at the Humour Salon "Milcoviada", Focsani, 1983
    • Grand Prix at the Humour Salon "The Golden Apple", Bistrita, 1984
    • Grand Prix at the Humour Salon in Bailesti, 1984
    • "Union of Fine Arts" Award, Vaslui, 1986

              He wins 58 international awards:

              • Grand Prix UNESCO 1979-1983
              • Grand Prix, Confolens (France) 1980
              • Grand Prix, Tokyo (Japan) 1980
              • Grand Prix "F.I.A.", Paris (France)1980
              • Grand Prix "C.I.S.", Paris (France)1981
              • The Huriviet Vakvi, Istanbul 1983
              • The Fine Arts Academy Award, Moscow 1983
              • Grand Prix at The Modern Art Festival, La Rochelle (France) 1984
              • Jez Award, Belgrade (Yugoslavia) 1985
              • Awards at La Marianne and Saint Esteve (France) 1990
              • Hocipo Award, Budapest (Hungary) 1991